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This is an interactive resource for anyone interested in the wonderful river environment and region that is the Upper Mitta Mitta River, as well as the people, past and present that have loved and shaped it.

HAVE SOMETHING TO CONTRIBUTE?: We encourage academics, Citizen and accredited Scientists, educators, guides & just downright people to help us create the best collection of environmental information for the Alpine area and Mitta Mitta drainage. Please submit your idea/paper/link etc. via the contact button below, and thanks!

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Friends of the Mitta would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the traditional owners and custodians of this land we so dearly love today. It is through the stewardship of every one of us that this land will be here for future generations to fall in love with.

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About FOTM

Mittapedia is a project of Friends Of The Mitta Incorporated. FOTM is a volunteer run, not for profit organisation with the intention of protecting the Upper Mitta Mitta River corridor though advocacy and environmental projects. Wild and scenic places like the Mitta have a tendency to disappear and suffer from neglect by overtaxed or understaffed agencies, or the environmental impacts of extraction industries like mining and logging. It is happening all over the planet, and with 7 billion and counting, isn’t about to stop soon.


​From long observation, the places that are cared for and protected are the places that lots of people have a connection to. Part of our mission is to give more folks a reason to care about what happens to the Mighty Mitta, and to use their voices to convince the powers that be to not only keep it safe from overdevelopment, rubbish and invasive species, but to pay a little more attention to it with funds and focus. Lots of people come through here, even more since the last gravel road has been paved. Lets give them a reason to stop a bit, soak it in, and care. ​

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