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This page is intended to be a catalyst for sharing more information about the Mighty Mitta with paddlers and guides, who in turn can then “Pass It Forward” to their friends, clients and students. In this way, more people learn about our magical wilderness area and river, and are more likely to help protect, preserve and care for it in future. Mittapedia is seeking leaders and professionals in the following fields to assist with content.

 In specific we are searching for lecturers in:

  • Geology

  • Botany

  • Birds and/or other Fauna

  • Aboriginal history

  • Settler &/or Miner history

  • Environmental health (which could include things like water quality, visitation impacts, Leave No Trace, etc.)

  • Ideas for any other subject of potential interest to a paddling/outdoor education community. We can also use this event as a catalyst for future school projects.

If this is you or someone you know please get in touch with us!

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