Super quick raft & IK repairs!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

In need of a quick raft or IK (inflatable kayak) repair?

Need a quick raft or inflatie repair?? I have used these many times since the 80s and they're awesome! On your way in 5 minutes. Of course mine are the old aluminium version. See link for the new plastic version. I've looked but can't find any for sale in Oz, so if you find any in country please let FOTM know!

Three raft and IK repair sizes

The ones I have come in 3 sizes for different size tears. Occasionally you have to snip the tear a bit larger to fit the clamp in, which many find, um, rather disconcerting? But it works a charm, and isn't any different to repair properly later, warm, dry and single malt in hand.

Need the repair done quickly?

Sometimes it's cold and you have someone shivering. Maybe it's late, or you have miles to make or an injury or illness or you forgot the glue or whatever and you just need to get goin'. We had a late in the day tear at the top of the Mitta Gorge. Everyone else was downstream and waiting, but couldn't get up to help us. Bang, we were on it in minutes.

I'd highly recommend them in every repair kit. Here's the new version, at a Stateside marine shop. If anyone finds somewhere in Oz to get them please let everyone know. Tally ho!

Raft & IK repairs - the steps:

Here's how it looks with the tear widened enough to fit the clamp in the narrow way:

quick raft repair

Below is how it looks with the inside part of the clamp inserted so you don't lose it.

quick raft repair

Below is how it looks finishing it up. Easy-peezy!

quick raft repair

Below shows not much sticking out after you're done. Floor was inflated fully after this and worked a charm. Just don't drag your boat over a big rock!

quick raft repair

Do you have any tips on repairing rafts and IK's in a hurry?

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