Remote First Aid Kit; suggested items

This is a living document... every group and every outdoor guide/leader will have their own preferences, but this is a good start. It is recommended not to use the very basic kits one can purchase in stores. It is also recommended that leaders and guides check the contents of both the repair and first aid kits before heading out into the field. Despite good intentions or procedures, it's you that's stuck out there with someone who's sick or wounded, and too often these kits go unused for weeks, months or even years. Check for expiry dates as well!

Remote Area First Aid Kit

The contents will vary, depending on your specific trip, duration, number of participants, personal preferences, company policies, etc. This is a basic kit for 5 days with a group of 12. You may need to add more quantities for longer trips or higher numbers.

First Aid Kit Contents:

4 x triangular bandages (large cotton)

2 x roller bandages (7.5 cm x 2.3m)

2 x conforming bandages (5 cm x 1.5 cm)

2 x wound dressings (size 14) or unscented sanitary napkins

10 x sterile dressings (10cm by 10 cm) eg. Melolin

5 x sterile dressings (5cm x 5cm) eg Melolin

1 x flexible dressing strip (7.5cm x 50 cm) eg Elastoplast

10 x bandaids

2 x wound closures (10 x 6mm x 10cm) eg Steri Strip

2 x gauze swabs ( packet of 5 )

10 x cotton buds

1 xsportstape(3.8cmx13m)

1 x non allergenic dressing tape ( 25 mm x 1 m ) eg Micropore

5 x saline solution ( 30 ml )

1 tincture of benzoin (25ml)eg “friars balsam ”

1 x betadine liquid (15 ml )

1 x aloe vera gel ( 30 gm ) eg Aloe Aid

Nurofen, Paracetemol, aspirin

18 x glucose tablets eg Glucodin

1 x universal scissors ( super shears )

1 x wound dressing scissors ( sharp / blunt 12.5 cm )


1 x tweezers

1 x disposable razor CPR pocket mask

Ventolin inhaler & Spacer

Epi pen

1 x splinter probe

Waterproof dressing

1 x syringe ( 20 ml )

10 x alcohol swabs

Space blanket

Sunblock SPF 30 +

6prs x surgical latex gloves

1 x thermometer


Sanitary pads


6 x safety pins

4 x plastic bags ( 16 cm x 17 cm ) eg Glad Ziploc

1 x aluminium foil ( 20 cm x 20 cm )

1 x fixomull (1metre x 10cm wide)

3 x patient monitoring and vital signs charts and 1 x pencil

Splint Kit:

2 x Sam Splint

Blister Kit best kept in a small stuff sack in the top of your pack

Webbing (“tape”), cord

"Compeed" or "Spenco" second skin

Closed cell foam

wood cutting saw

Handy Quick Fix Kit

scissors (small dressing)

duct tape

Medical tape

extra cord

sports tape (3.8 cm x 13 m)

Sticky plasters & various dressings


Nail Clippers

Friar’s Balsam

Nurofen, Paracetemol, aspirin


Blister kit (see above)

First Aid kit for remote areas
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First Aid kit for remote areas
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