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SSI Swiftwater Rescue Schedule Post-Lockdown 2022 Is Out!

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

We had to cancel all our spring courses due to lockdowns. Bummer! There's some cool stuff happening at SSI, but that meant we've had to postpone our rescheduled courses til the new year. Sorry, but if you already have an Australian Swiftwater Rescue certification that recently expired, and need it for work, let us know and we'll give you a free 1 year extension. In the meantime, here's the new dates:

2022 Course dates. Lockdown spring replacement dates:

· MITTA MITTA 3-DAY SRT1: January 19-21, 2022 (Wednesday - Friday) With Matt Paulding

· MITTA MITTA 3-Day SRT1: February 5-7 2022 (Saturday – Monday) with Matt Paulding

· MITTA MITTA 3-Day SRT1: February 12-14 (Saturday - Monday) with Matt Paulding

Need or want some safety skills for you and your whitewater pards? Look no more...


Swiftwater Safety Institute, Australia (SSI) has moved onwards & upwards…

It’s been a great 7 years, in which SSI has established itself as the premier swiftwater rescue training organisation in Victoria. We’ve successfully trained outdoor educators, river guides, SES, Fire, Police, armed forces and other rescue agency personnel, and have been humbled by the feedback, which has been universally awesome. We’ve also introduced the new and unique “Advanced Two-Day” course for those experienced students seeking something new, different, challenging and a grade above. The appreciative reactions of our more expert students has been super. All our courses now include a pre-course half-day “hybrid” portion, where trainees not only get super-ready for our fast-paced course, but also complete the written assessment for the International certification.

Matt Paulding has just taken over the mantle of running SSI from Jeffe as of November 1, 2021. Matt has worked on Victorian rivers as a raft/ canoe/ kayak guide for the last 15 years for a number of companies and schools across Victoria. Matt began working as a trainer Assessor in 2014 for Outer Eastern Training Institute instructing future raft and kayak guides. In 2015 Matt joined the SSI team in Australia as a trainee instructor under Jeffe and over the last few years has been a premier co-instructor with Jeffe, as well as top lead instructor and part of the family ever since.

Having transitioned out of full time Outdoor Recreation into a role with Fire Rescue Victoria Matt is looking forward bringing his own spin and great spirit to river safety education, and to keeping in touch with the paddling community through operating SSI in Australia.

When he isn’t working (which admittedly is quite a lot) or taking care of his growing family, Matt loves to get out and kayak wherever there’s water. Please welcome him! SSI has set up several (low water) January and February courses to catch up with the Covid lockdown cancelled courses from this spring. See the Friends of the Mitta website for more info.

In closing, Jeffe would like to thank all our great students, colleagues, our former RTO OETI and their team, and all our fantastic supporters. It's been a great run, I'm in the tailwaves, still miraculously right side up. Cheers

SSI 2021-22 newsletter with 5Star & Matt as owner & contact
Download PDF • 3.88MB


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